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LAËTITIA La Rose by Alvin Conway


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Sapientia: The 40 Principles of Wisdom by Alvin Conway

Sapientia is a Latin word meaning “wisdom.” Life has meaning. Life has a purpose. The author offers 40 insightful adages of wisdom to help guide you through the sometimes “uncanny and uncertain” corridors of life. This is a wonderful book that touches on everything from spirituality to philosophy without ever forgetting that it is the reader who is ultimately in control of his or her own life. It contains koans of wisdom that the intellectual and philosophically-curious will luxuriously gravitate to. It counsels on the best foods to eat for health and long life. It offers motivational advice on how to obtain and successfully reach your goals. It has a chart for age, weight, and nearly every hormonal peak your body will experience, as it ages. It may be the ultimate life textbook. The book retrospectively and analytically examines the psychological works of Freud, Jung, and Abraham Maslow. It explores the wants, needs, and desires that drives us all in life – the very things that make us human and want to excel. This is one of the best motivational books I have ever read. It’s a book of wisdom that will seamlessly guide you along through life, as you age and mature under the lens of different life-altering experiences. Mr. Conway does a wonderful job of bringing all these existential elements together in one book that’s both enchanting to read and wonderfully illustrated to the point. –Evelyn Casey, NY First Look 

Where to buy it: Lulu 

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I loved you first by Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti

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N°5 L’EAU: the film – CHANEL


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Four Winds by Sara Teasdale

4 Winds

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How do I love thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Flower Basket

AA How Do I Love

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The Immeasurable by Alvin Conway

The Immeasurable Poem black

Roses B

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Alone by Sara Teasdale

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All Our Days of Splendor by Alvin Conway

Summary: Paris 1926: Les Années folles as the French called it, “The Crazy Years.” It was the Roaring Twenties. It was the dawn of the Age of Modernism, feminism, the flappers, the birth of cinema; it was the decade of the automobile and radio. It was the reckless years of wealth and exuberance, where stock markets toyed with ideas of fanaticism, and where legends lived, loved, and died. Paris France was at the heart of a new cultural revolution that was reshaping and changing the world. Thomas E. McCann came to Paris to change his life. His life ended up changing everyone around him. There were parties, class privileges, there were flowing rivers of champagne, there was extravagant wealth, and everyone lived and loved like no one thought the wild celebrations of this Golden decade would ever come to an end.

“This book is a sheer delight. Exquisite, poetic, masterfully crafted – this is simply one of the most beautiful love stories ever written.” –The Poetry Palace

All Our Days of Splendor a new novel by Alvin Conway – Where to purchase: lulu

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Rose by Flora Clare Redding


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