Ariel and the Fountain of Seven Graces by Alvin Conway. Synopsis: When the language was young and full of wonder, it crafted illustrious tales of beauty about once unimaginable immortal loves that unexpectedly lost their ardor across the battlefield of time, human frailties, and broken hopes. A thousand loves were born in the bosom of every legend and a thousand more died under bated breath in the feeble arms of aging myths. Like the mercurial forces of nature and man’s own mortality, every auspicious thought of human imagination was subjected to the same cycle of love, beauty, decay, ruin and death. And from this spinning wheel of creation, bliss, and chaos, emotions and words were delicately weaved into poetry.
 “A breathless work of rare poetic beauty and power.” -Second Wind

Selected Poems (Penguin Classics) by Lord George Gordon Byron, Susan J. Wolfson and Peter J. Manning

    Sinfonia 9: The Second Movement by Alvin Conway – LuLu Books
  An exquisite work of poetic elegance that we dare to call a modern classic.” -Second Wind

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